About Us


Company Overview

Abul Khair Tobacco is the most trusted name in the tobacco industry of Bangladesh. We have been in the industry since 1953 and have been exporting the best quality tobacco in many countries of the world. Tobacco was the mother business of Abul Khair Group. The tobacco division is divided into two parts. One is tobacco growing & processing for domestic use & export in various countries and the other is cigarette manufacturing & selling to the domestic market.

In 1998 Abul Khair Tobacco started its cigarette manufacturing and selling business. At domestic market Abul Khair tobacco is in a leading position in low segment cigarette brand.

How we operate

We are a national company with manufacturing and sales facilities throughout the Bangladesh.

Wherever we manufacture, we apply the same exacting standards to ensure the best quality in low & mid segment that smokers of our brands have come to expect.
Currently we are distributing our brands to almost 8 lac outlet. We have a good reputation as we have sufficient vehicle and our manpower is skilled and dedicated enough.

Our day-to-day operations, however, involve more than just making cigarettes; they are also about the way we do business and interact with the world outside our offices, both locally and globally.

In every district in Bangladesh where our cigarettes are sold, we are guided by the same basic principles.
One of our principal goals is to be a socially responsible company. Because of this, we are passionate about our social performance:

• We have adopted policies and implemented programs to consistently reduce our environmental impact, using fewer natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions with tree planning program, and producing less waste.
• We work with growers and suppliers to promote sustainable tobacco farming.
• We work with suppliers, interest groups, and governments to address the problems of child labor and other abuses in labor markets related to our supply chain.
• We contribute to improving our local communities through charitable giving, volunteer activities, and support of a wide network of non-profit organizations.
Across this website you will find information on these and many other initiatives we have put in place.

Our Charitable giving program

Abul Khair Tobacco Company supports charitable giving programs that improve living conditions in places our employees reside and work, as well as in the farming communities where we source our tobacco.

We have identified some areas of giving that we focus on education, planning, tree plantation, supply pure drinking water. These areas parallel many of the UN Millennium Development Goals, and we have chosen to focus on them because they are among the most critical issues affecting the countries where we operate.

Our History

60 Years of AKT
Abul Khair’s 1953 opening of a handmade tobacco product named 42-No Abul bidi.

Abul Khair introduced their ready-made cigarettes and started selling tobacco.

Abul Khair becomes nationally number one selling cigarette. Volume reaches 1.00 billion

National cigarette sales reach 2.00 billion. Second largest company in Bangladesh in terms of volume.