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Cigarette Brand

It is not our business to encouraging people to start smoking or to smoke more, but those who are smoking we highlight them that our Brands are better than competitors.

Rally verve

Launched in 25th april, 2010, Rally verve is our supreme brand; it is Medium segment’s brand. Presently we hold 10% segment share of this segment.

MARISE Special Blend

Launched in 3rd july, 2006, MARISE Special Blend is highest selling brand of tobacco industry in Bangladesh; it is Low segment’s brand. Presently we hold 50% segment share of this segment.

Launched in 2009, MARISE white is Low segment’s brand it is new brand of MARISE family.

Super kings White

Launched in 2006, Super Kings white is also a popular brand of tobacco industry in Bangladesh; it is Low segment’s brand.

Sun Moon

Launched in 1998, it is our first cigarette brand. Sun Moon is very popular brand of tobacco industry in Bangladesh; it is Low segment’s brand. Presently we have a good segment share of this segment.

Handmade Brand

Special Abul Bidi & 42 No Abul Bidi

42 No Bidi launched in 1953, which was the first business of the Group. Now we have another brand of Bidi (Hand made rolled Tobacco Smoking Product) which is Special Abul Bidi. Presently we have 7% market share of this industry.


Our Tobacco

History of Tobacco

In Bangladesh flue cured tobacco growing was started from 1968 on experimental basis in Kushtia district in North West part of Bangladesh. After 6 years of extensive field work & grower’s participation Bangladesh achieved self sufficiency of tobacco in terms of Volume. Subsequently tobacco growing extended to the other areas in Bangladesh. Now there are four major tobacco growing areas in Bangladesh, these are Kushtia, Chittagong, Rangpur and Manikgonj.

Leaf Operations
Abul Khair Leaf operations activities are spread in all the leaf growing areas of the Bangladesh. We have a contractual farmer base for tobacco cultivation of about 20,000 farmers, growing tobacco in about 45,000 acres & produce 25 million kg’s of tobacco. Our field force strength is about 250 people. We have a capacity of warehouse about 35 million kg’s of tobacco in the various locations.

Green Leaf Thrashing Facilities
Threshing line with average capacity to process 4,000 Kg/Hr.
Threshing line main characteristics:
Tipping Line:
Two lines are provided with provision for double tipping and blending.

Has NTRM seperator before conditioning and adequate picking provision in the line.

1st Stage:
2 x 96″ Thresher
5 x 48″ Counter Flow Separator
2nd Stage:
2 x 60″ Thresher
3 x 48″ Counter Flow Separator
3rd Stage:
1 x 60″ Thresher
2 x 48″ Counter Flow Separator
4th Stage:
I x 48″ Thresher
I x 48″ Counter Flow Separator
5th Stage:
1 x 48″ Thresher
1 x 48″ Counter Flow Separator


Stem recirculation to 4th stage thresher.

Redryer :
5 Drying sections. 3 air up flow and 2 air down flow.
1 Cooling section.
4 Reordering sections.

Green Leaf Threshing (GLT) Plant

We have a world class green leaf threshing plant including modern machineries & research centre for processing the green tobacco to meet the company’s internal & external demand. We are able to process 4.5 million kg green leaf per month.

Auto Press

Fully automatic Godioli & Bellanti press with provision for packing both C48 carton and 100 Kg bale. Equipped with Signode strapping machine and 3 High Auto stacker.

Green Leaf Storage Capacity : 5000 Tons

Re-dried Storage Capacity : 3500 Tons

Product and Services:

Provision to handle redry and pack threshed strips, loose leaf, tangled leaf, butted leaf, hand strips, full strips and stem. Internationally accepted packing materials are available indigenously.

Abul Khair’s newly built GLT plant is supported by a modern laboratory . Laboratory Is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipments like Skalar Continuous Flow Analyser, Quick moisture balance for measurements of Nicotine, Sugars, Chloride and moisture. Abul Khair’s quality system ensures thorough checks on all finished products for their particle distribution, moisture and chemistry are determined by equipments of international standard with the help of a team of trained personnel. Consistent International quality is our aim.



Health Effect of Smoking

Smoking causes serious disease and is addictive.
More than 5,000 chemicals — or smoke constituents – are formed when tobacco is burned. Approximately 100 of these smoke constituents have been identified by public health authorities as causes or potential causes of smoking related diseases, including cardiovascular disease (heart disease), lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (emphysema, chronic bronchitis). Smokers are far more likely to become sick with one of these diseases than non-smokers. In addition, smoking is addictive, and it can be very difficult to stop smoking.

For more detailed information about what scientific and public health organizations are saying about the health effects of smoking, please refer to the links on the right of this page.

There are a broad variety of conventional combustible cigarette brands available on the market with varying features (style of the cigarettes, taste, tar or nicotine yields etc.). Smokers should not assume that any of these features means that one cigarette is less harmful or addictive than another.

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